The right way to get to the airport in Israel

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Over the years it became more and more popular travel destination.
It is famous for its beaches, great selection of interesting food, architecture and culture.

The most frequently asked question when travelling to Israel is:
“What means of transportation are the best when it comes to travelling from the airport to the specific location? “.

The answer is simple:
whatever is the most comfortable, but also quick and cheap.
The main international airport of Israel, Ben Gurion, is a contemporary and functionally organised area located in the northern part of city of Lod. It is about 20km southwest of Tel Aviv and about 45km northwest of Jerusalem.
It is considered the largest airport in Israel.

Ben Gurion Airport Taxis

If you want to get to Israel International Airport,
There are various transport options to choose from:
• train
• bus
• Private car
• Group shuttle
But The easiest and the quickest, but also the most comfortable way to get to Ben Gurion Airport location is by taxi.

This also applies to travelling from the airport.
Uber is not an option because it is banned from Israel.

Booking A Taxi From Ben Gurion Airport

There are many taxi companies at Ben Gurion airport that will make sure that you get to the right destination.
You can book a taxi online without having to worry about it when you arrive to Israel.

Fare prices from and to the airport are fixed which means that they can cost between 170 and 200 shekels (49$ – 59$).
That depends on the day and time of the day you’re using their services, the number of passengers that are travelling from the airport to the certain place and also the number of suitcases that passengers have.

Taxi apps in israel

Taxi apps make it easy for people to choose a taxi service that they want to use.
The most famous app is the Gett app.
Prices are connected to the app and in that way you can avoid overpaying for the taxi ride.
Drivers are frequently rated by their customers and they act more professional.
It is also free to order a taxi whether you’re booking a taxi to Ben Guron Airport or from Ben Guron Airport.

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