7 things you didn’t know about taxis in Israel.

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Almost in all of the countries on earth is easy to catch a taxi and arrive in the place
you wish in a simple and fast way. It seems that in Israel, things are different.
In New York, London, Madrid, is easy to call o cab.
If you are already on the street you can raise the right hand and a taxi will stop for you.
In Israel is really hard to catch a taxi and, if is your first time there it would be a miracle not to
be ripped-off.
The most difficult thing is to find a taxi at Ben Gurion Airport.

Here you will find 7 things that you should know about taxis in Israel:

1) Catching a cab on the street: the most difficult thing.

In Israel is not easy to stop a taxi on the street.
First of all, their cars don’t have the light that usually indicates if the car is busy or not.
How will you know if a taxi car is free for you? It will simply stop.
Another difficulty is that taxi cars are not all the same color.
You will find, for example, in west Jerusalem you will see white cars, while in the east Jerusalem you will see yellow ones.

2) Ordering a taxi: learn Hebrew language.

If you don’t know their native language you will have some big difficulties if you will try to call a taxi company.
Their speakers don’t know English at all.
You can always try to find someone that can call a cab for you
or go to a taxi station.

3) Taxi apps

In a big city, like Tel Aviv, you can always use a taxi app. The most known is Gettaxi or Uber.With it you can call a taxi, pay with your credit card and see all the reviews about the drivers.

4) Tipping drivers is uncommon

In Israel taxi drivers don’t expect for tips from their passengers. But if you received a good services you can always do it like in your country.

5) Different charges for the customers

There are two types of charge for customers in Israel. Meter, preferred by tourists, and fixed by people who go from a city to another.

6) Keep an eye on the route of the taxi

Is better if you check on your phone the shorter route that taxi has to take to avoid paying too much.

7) Take a taxi from Ben Gurion airport

The most simple way is to book a taxi online from Ben Gurion Airport that will come at the time you want to take your from the airport or bring you to it. There is also a taxi company at Ben Gurion Airport that will help you find a car.

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