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     Malta Airport Transfer Service - Pure Comfort With

    When you need transfer service from the Malta Airport, there is only one way to go. Greenr zero emissions cabs are available to provide you not only with comfortable, fast and efficient service, but also care about the environment. There is more to us than your typical cab company. We provide the best available service and will never leave you hanging.


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    Our customers always come back to us, and give us the highest of ratings. Our entire staff is proud to work for us and to be there for you. That is easily shown in their professionalism and the ability to get a cab whenever and wherever you need in Malta.


    What are the benefits of choosing cab Company?

    There are many reasons why choosing Greenr cabs will benefit you during your stay in Malta. Not only do we provide service to and from the Malta Airport, but are also available anywhere you are in Malta. That is just the tip of the iceberg when you choose to conduct your travels while in Malta with Greenr. Here are other great benefits of choosing to ride with us:

    • Have you ever needed silence when traveling? That is a wonderful aspect of riding in our comfortable, fully air-conditioned electric cars. They are quiet when you need them to be.
    • Or do you prefer music? That is not a problem in our state of the art automobiles. You simply plug in your phone and can listen to your own music.
    • Do you want to show your support for environmentally conscious companies? We have a fully ecological fleet. All of our cars are brand new and are one hundred percent electric. Going green with Greenr is easy!
    • Do you want to travel safely and worry free? All of our drivers are professional with many years of experience. They have great knowledge of all the Maltese Islands and will get you where you need to go safely. They are also great for recommendations and many are multi-lingual. All drivers are fully licensed and ready to be there for you.
    • Do you need to do work while traveling? That is not a problem with our fast internet access and on-board tablet available. You can connect your phone and listen to music, play games, or do work!

    How easy is it to book your transfers with Greenr?

    There is no company that offers an easier, faster way to book your travel in Malta. You can book instantly from your phone, computer, or any other device with internet access. Once you request a car on your online booking page, a message is instantly sent to the driver and they get your precise address, ensuring your ride will be on time. They are always available for last minute booking as well. We are always available for you, no matter what time of day or where you are in Malta. Our cab services are 24/7 accessible.

    So why choose Greenr zero emissions cab company next time you are in Malta?

    We at Greenr take pride in our services and strive to provide you with the best.  We are involved in many environmental issues, and want to make your travels in Malta safe, fun and protect the environment while we do so.  Consider these factors next time you are ready for a cab in Malta:

    •       100% on-board services
    •       Highly rated by customers
    •       100% zero emissions cabs
    •       100% professional services

    Click on the Online Booking Button at the top of the page and book a trip in less than 60 seconds! The best way to know us is to allow us to get you where you need to go – 24/7.